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Achieve Thai CEFR Levels Worldwide

With Global Exams & Official Certificate!

Taught By A Professional Thai Teacher : Kat Wilson

LearnThi online with Kat.Start fom where yu are

 Global Thai Classes 

I have worked with global language learning companies.Training all type learners who are interested in learning Thai for their professional goals or personal goals with my high quality teaching services  which  offer students around the world great opportunities! 

Core Thai Language Courses For Your Professional Goals



Pay as you go.

Introduction to Thai language with situational examples and a focus on basic conversation to help the student build a solid and confident foundation in Thai with clear understanding.





Pay as you go

Provides a higher level of basic reading,

writing and speaking of Thai. Helps expand your Thai vocabulary in a systematic way and understand more about language & culture.



Thai advanced to speak,write and read


Pay as you go

Offers a bridge to advanced reading & writing of the Thai language. Improves your reading

skills, reading the news. Helps you increase Thai vocabulary with various writing styles.



The Thai Excellence Programmes/Courses


Pro Short Thai Language Courses For Your Personal Goals


Personal training Thai


Advanced Payment only

I will create a unique programme just for you!For Any Individual Learner to meet their needs! You will save over £100.Get short and amazing training programmes that you want yourself to be.Be unique-be you.I will provide what you need.Be one of the first to know!

From :


Thai pic1 -buddhism-1851453_1920.jpg

Short Thai courses for

any level

Advanced payment only

I will really help you to not only achieve but also exceed your full potential. Set your goal and go for it.Take a chance, increase your chance of success, You will get many benefits from me. What are you still waiting for ? Believe in yourself and the magic will happen!



Thai pic 23-temple-1097700_1920.jpg

Global classes

for all ages

and levels

Advanced payment only

learning is where the miracle process all begins.Make a determined effort to learn it.If you want to improve your life,you must take your action  that will take your life to a whole new level. Knowledge and action will take you wherever you want to go. 



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