Volunteer: Teaching Assistants.   

       "For Hit Lang School"


Job description


At our Hit Langs Music Club, we have a piano, keyboard,guitar and recorders, and other instruments that don't get utilized as much as we would like! Many of our kids are very interested  in learning music  and some kids are very musically talented but are unable to afford lessons, so we offer free music sessions to all kids that are interested in joining us.


*Here is a  great place for brand new volunteers to get to know Tutor Kat ( A Songwriter ),Sadie ( A Musician )  on Saturday or Sunday  afternoon*


An excellent place to start
For volunteers who would like to get involved sooner rather than later, or who would just like to try out an afternoon to see if this is the kind of thing for them – this is a really good place to start. We tend to team new volunteers with those who already have some experience and together they support the individual with ability to participate in the various activities. A friendly atmosphere and guidance from club-leader will help you find your way in.

We don't have enough teaching assistants.We are looking for awesome volunteers to work with us that are willing to help music lessons to our Club Members at least one day a week for an hour. We can provide instruments and children may be able to bring their own instruments. We also have plan for the concert in the future and we need more helpers to help children.

The Volunteers must be willing to commit at least 3 months of service. They must also be willing to come in once a week for an hour. This opportunity is a great way to connect, build positive relationships, and give back!

This is a volunteer opportunity provided by Hit Langs in Manchester.


Desired Skills and Experience


This position requires the following skills: Keyboard Instrument ( piano,guitar and recorder ), Music Arts,  People Skills, 



Hit Langs Music Club ( Free For all Kids )


Employment type




Guitar,keyboard,piano and recorder 


Job function



Note : If you are interested in this vacancy,please contact Club -Leader (Tutor Kat) 07958044298

 Email: katherine44th@yahoo.ca              ***Thank you***