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Learn Thai -Lao- English or maths with a tutor near you.Thai lessons from £10 per hour -Best Thai teacher in Manchester,UK


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From anywhere

Online live classes Thai lessons for all levels worldwide!


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From anywhere

Interactive and  fun

online Lao lessons for all ages and levels 


Distance Learning

From anywhere

Live online Maths lessons for children 8-12 years old.

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Learn Thai

Why learning Thai with a native Thai tutor is always better

Offer you learning advantages 

Why learning Thai  with a native Thai Tutor is always better

Find affordable certified Thai teacher who can help you with every skill

Bring out the best in everyone

Why choose Hit Lang School learning

tuition for you and your child

Learn Thai faster and you will see the progress that you have made

Give you fast learning results

Help you learn Thai very fast and you will see the progress you have made

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Learn Maths

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My math's teaching methods

Improve your everyday Maths

Will help your kids do well in Maths,  build confidence and develop a healthy mindset and fluency through learning sessions using teaching strategies.

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Year 6 maths and prepare for the test. SAT preparation for year 6

Year 6 SATs Tuition

Will help prepare and more importantly, build confidence and understanding in what will be tested in Maths & SPAG.

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Sadie Wilson -grade A in maths.Learn Maths  and develop fluent maths skills

Become a maths magician

Will help your child succeed in maths, develop fluent maths skills and learn to do maths in your head faster than you ever thought possible.

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Learn English 

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Learn basic English with 4 skills.English for beginners

English For Beginners

Learn to develop the 4 skills: speaking,writing,reading and listening in everyday situations.This course will help you take some really important steps in no time.

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English for everyday use

English For Everyday Use

Learn English expressions,real English spoken for daily life.Practice English conversions at a normal speed while speaking slowly and clearly in everyday English.

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Learn English work and write professional CV

English For All Levels

Learn to use the English language to achieve highly specific aims.CV writing, interview skills will also be covered, alongside working with numbers and data. 

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17:00 pm, 19/02/2019

Life is too short.Choose what makes you happy.Don't wait so long to make your decision.Tomorrow is not for everyone. 

- Katherine Chin -



Imagination quote for students

5.30 pm, 19/02/2019

Imagination is the key to unlock the door to the wider possibilities.

-Sadie Wilson-


See Our Works

Successful Teacher

I am Kat,a professional and Top-Notch Thai teacher who can help you get faster results! 

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5 Star Author 

Here is a wonderfully constructed book for kids and youth of all ages with a 5-star rating.

children's colouring book with a five star rating,activity book for kids,school skills,animals,best book for children,parent guide,home school,colouring,My Cool Colouring book " Amazing Animals" by Katherie Chin

Creative Artist

I am highly creative. I like to take a challenge to experience something new everyday.

art,craft ideas, art andcraft fo children,art projects,drawing and painting,handmade,gifts,creative artist

Music Composer

I enjoy to use my talents as an opportunity to serve God,for myself & other's enjoyment.

great songs for kids,pop song for children,family music,music for baby and toddler,

Successful Student

Sadie is a great role model,a successful student with super-excellent results which are over100%

A successful student -Sadie Wilson.jpg

Published Author

A published author.Her stories were selected for publication in a young writer's anthology.Age 11.

Sadie Wilson -a published author,young writer,hit Lang School's writer,learn to write poetry and story at Hit Lang School,creative writing for children,English lessons.

Young Artist

She does't want to be interesting.She wants to be good.She's talented,artistic and creative!

Sadie  Wilson -Cool artist- winner art-Art for Children-Hit Lang School

Happy Musician

She has more ideas and feelings that she can't express any other way like playing her concerts. 

Sadie Wilson-Artist-musician at Hit Lang School

Our Special Offers

Hit Lang School latest offers

Latest Offers

Get great bargains with the latest offers for Thai and Lao lessons that will save you a lot! 



Hit Lang School special offers

Special Offers

Discover all of our special offers.With our offers, saving of up to £40 on each package!



Giveaway learning resources

Free Gifts

Free learning resource gifts for all levels, please download and use them as many as you want!



Meet A Tutor

Online English tutor.Teaches basic English for beginners

Kat Wilson

English Tutor

I am a TEFL Tutor,an experienced English tutor with the TEFL certificates.I'm here.

Maths tutor for primary school students

Kat Wilson

Maths Tutor

I’m a maths tutor with a degree in maths,experienced with A+ tutoring !"

Best Thai teacher for worldwide students who can dive deep into each lesson for you

Kat Wilson

Thai Tutor

I’m a native Thai tutor,a former teacher from Thailand.I'm here for you

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