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Sadie Wilson has read over 500 fiction books in 8 years.  

Congratulations!She started reading when she was 5.


An efficient & successful reader with 5 gold medals

Why I encourage

my child to read

fantasy and

science fiction


Reading Benefits

Dear teachers & parents

Here are my reasons why I encourage my child to read fantasy and science fiction books.

1.Reading fiction can also be a great way of helping children deal with real life situations that they need help to deal with. Researchers have found that the brain activity that occurs when we read fiction is very similar to experiencing that situation in real life, so reading about a situation helps children work out how to solve it in reality.


2.Children  who read books regularly are known to have better concentration, memory retention, and analytical skills.

3.Reading helps develop a child’s language skills and vocabulary.

Reading Fiction Is Crucial for Children’s Development

4.Scientists have found that children who have fiction read to them regularly find it easier to understand other people – they show more empathy and have better developed theory of mind (the ability to understand that other people have different thoughts and feelings to us, which is essential for understanding and predicting other people’s thoughts and behaviour).

5.Reading fiction helps ease the anxieties children commonly experience facing important events in their lives, whether it’s starting school, going on a first date, or approaching school tests. Though they may not show it, young people often feel alienated and different from their peers. Good fiction helps overcome those worries by introducing them to situations and characters they can relate to, who have similar anxieties and who find ways to deal with them.


Reading has so many benefits!

  • Books teach your child thinking skills early. When you read to your child,she learns to understand cause and effect, she learns to exercise logic, as well as think in abstract terms. She learns the consequences of actions, and the basics of what is right and wrong.

  • Books teach your child about relationships, situations, personalities, and what is good and what is bad in the world she lives in.  Fantasy books provide material for her imagination and free play.  Fairy tales fascinate your kid, and help her distinguish between what is real and what is not.

  • When your child reaches a new stage in her growth, or experiences a new and unfamiliar situation, reading to your child about a story relevant to her new experience can relieve her anxiety and help her cope. For example, if your child is stressed about her first day in school, or about moving to a new location, you can read a book to her that shows that these should not be painful experiences.

  • Choose books that your kid will be most interested in, and appropriate for his age. A young child likes colorful drawings and pictures of people.

  • To help your child understand that letters and words are symbols that are used to communicate, run your finger under the print but don’t force your child to follow your finger.

  • Sometimes, your kid likes a particular book and wants to read it repeatedly.  Do not discourage this, since he finds reading this book pleasurable – and pleasure is what he should get from reading!  Also, he is getting the most out of this book and is giving you a hint about his interest!

  • Expose your kid though to a variety of books.

  • You can use reading as a way to allay your child’s fears or prepare him for changes in his life.  For example, you can choose books about using the potty, going to school, or moving to a new house when he is about to have these new experiences.

  • Teach your child to treasure books and treat them with respect – keeping them clean and in good condition.

  • Surround your kid with books.  Keep books where your kid can easily reach them so he will be able to browse them by himself.

  • Take books to read to your child on long trips and places where you have to wait like the doctor’s office.     

3 Fun Ways To Help Children T o Be Excellent At English

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