One On One Personal English Lessons Via Skype

English For Beginners
Working from Home

Course ideas for Thais and foreigners in which English is not their language!

I am a Thai tutor with a TESOL certification.

Course Detail:

1- I will converse with you to help with everyday conversation.

2- Help you practice speaking English with your partner who only speaks English.

3- Help you to chat with basic English so you will be able to guide yourself!

4- Help you converse your personal conversations to English!

5- Help live translate and explain your Thai/Lao conversation into English instantly

6- Any other help in speaking English that you want to get from this course.

Please Note: 

Our conversations will be relaxed in a pace that is best for you. It would be my pleasure to help you. Feel free to contact me. In any case, I am here for you!


one Lesson


10 Lessons


20 Lessons