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All Courses 

      Preschool Age:3-5 

  • Year 1  Age:5-6

  • Year 2  Age:6-7

  • Year 3  Age:7-8

  • Year 4  Age:8-9

  • Year 5  Age:9-10

  • Year 6  Age:10-11

  • Year 7 Age:11-12

  • SATS preparation


• Drawing

• Painting

• Craft

• Collage

• Mixed media art



                    Thai Language



 Thai courses for all ages.

Thai A1 Beginner

Thai B1 Intermediate

• Thai  C1 advanced

• Speak Thai with confidence

• Business Thai

• A journey for beginners in summer

• Intensive Thai for beginners

• Learn Thai via Skype

• Thai Language class

for beginners at Hit Lang School


Art for Fun.We don't teach art!

Basic conversational English to suit beginners.English for beginners.Improve your English speaking, listening, writing and reading. Read more

Basic conversational Lao for beginners with speaking ,listening and conversation. 

Please note:  Full courses and details are available only on PC.Mobile phone may not be able to reach this site fully!

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