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School's head girl

Congratulations to Sadie Wilson for winning and be selected to be a school's head girl.

a good role-model for students

Superstar role-model

Congratulations to Sadie for being an excellent role-model for the whole school.

How to be a successful student? Do you need extra help from a teacher ?

Superstar drama queen

Congratulations to Sadie Wilson for fantastic line learning! She is a "drama" queen! 2018

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MP band's musician

Congratulations to Sadie for having been chosen to a music band & plays the concerts

Help a child learn basic music for just £10 per hour Contact 07958044298 Kat

A Great reader

Congratulations to Sadie for reading over 500

of fiction books in 8 years.You are amazing!

Be a great reader who reads book every day as a hobby

Excellent student

Congratulations to Sadie for reaching above 

national expectation in Maths and English

Want to boost your maths knowledge and prepare for SATs ?

Spirited art winner

Congratulations to Sadie for winning spirited

art competition at St.Luk's church of England.

love art learn art here

Published Author

Congratulations to SW for the original pieces of creative writings that were published........

write your own book,I will help you to published

Talent for writing

Congratulations to Sadie for creative writing that's selected for publication in a youngwriter

Learn to write a short mini saga and stories

Excellent work 140%

Congratulations to Sadie for working over 100 % She received  many gold star postcards...

Sadie Wilson

Super science winner

Congratulations to U for winning the powering transformation competition at MCR University

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Top maths student

Congratulations to Sadie Wilson for achieving

amazing result in maths with 100% full marks

How to be good and great at maths

Maths Magician

Congratulations to Sadie for being amazing maths magician to solve maths problems.

Help your child learn Maths

World book day winner

Congratulations to Sadie for winning the best idea of book characters how to train yr dragon

This winner has been writing her own book -she s just 11

The best student

Congratulations to Sadie Wilson for winning  and being the best of the best student.

Hit lang school is a very good scool for all ages to lean Thai,Lao Maths ,English and art

Creative Art Winner

Congratulations to Sadie for winning creative art in International children's art competition

Amazing art.Winner of Amazing art at Hit Lang school

Speaking Winner

Congratulations to Sadie for winning speaking skills in poetry speaking and a story telling.

Champian of the year 2014-crop-sharp.jpg

The Big Draw Winner

Congratulations to Sadie Wilson for winning the big draw Lizard competition at H.College

Fun art for children
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Year 6

She has been selected to be "A school's Head Girl"
DSC_1021-great Sadie  year 6 s 2018_edit
DSC_0042-Sadie head girl.jpg

Year 5

A Successful Student

..Many, many Congratulations to my daughter (Sadie Wilson) on winning Gold medals, the best student who wrote amazing poetry and produced high-quality work! A student who has been selected for the school as representative to deliver impressive music performance (in the concert)of MAPAS. A student who could do what other students didn’t want to do. You have truly set a new record! Your will to push and never give up has brought you this far, you deserve this and more. Congratulations for a marvellous achievement!” You did it! Enjoy life to the fullest. We're so proud of the countless hours of your study that you have made a great success ! Very well done Sadie 👍

Year 4

A Super Member Of The School

Congratulations to Sadie ( my daughter) on her brilliant success (Highest Score in Maths, English and all) Sadie has received " A+" in all subjects which has resulted in results which are above national expectations. With her excellent academic record It's really a splendid achievement and we are all proud of her success. Keep up the good work, Sadie “Everyone wants success, but it only follows those who make a true approach to get it. You know the hard work and dedication has a destination which is success. Very well done.

Year 3

Excellent School Report

Year 2

Fantastic School Report

( Champion of Speaking Poem 2014) & awards

A huge well done to Sadie for being great role model.At The end of academic year ,Sadie Wison ,Year 2 has been awarded... over 10 awards from head teacher and teachers..Excellent results ( Her assessment results are above the nationally expected standard every subject.)  good behaviour (stayed on green has been good at all time and received 180 green points ) that it is her ultimate award.Congratulations to my daugther on reaching this wonderful achievement.

Year 1

Wonderful Achievements

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