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School's head girl

Congratulations to Sadie Wilson for winning and be selected to be a school's head girl.

a good role-model for students

Superstar role-model

Congratulations to Sadie for being an excellent role-model for the whole school.

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Superstar drama queen

Congratulations to Sadie Wilson for fantastic line learning! She is a "drama" queen! 2018

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MP band's musician

Congratulations to Sadie for having been chosen to a music band & plays the concerts

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A Great reader

Congratulations to Sadie for reading over 500

of fiction books in 8 years.You are amazing!

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Excellent student

Congratulations to Sadie for reaching above 

national expectation in Maths and English

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Spirited art winner

Congratulations to Sadie for winning spirited

art competition at St.Luk's church of England.

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Published Author

Congratulations to SW for the original pieces of creative writings that were published........

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Talent for writing

Congratulations to Sadie for creative writing that's selected for publication in a youngwriter

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Excellent work 140%

Congratulations to Sadie for working over 100 % She received  many gold star postcards...

Sadie Wilson

Super science winner

Congratulations to U for winning the powering transformation competition at MCR University

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