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I am creative in using different types of teaching methods.I have many teaching methods to transfer knowledge because I've found different situations and different students in many classes.

Generally, students would not be able to believe that they could be successful in learning a language. This lack of motivation has made students to not have any confidence to speak in their target language because they do not want to make mistakes. Moreover, they find difficulties to recall the previous lesson, such us memorising new vocabulary. This situation encourages the teacher to be creative and to use an effective method on teaching.

Teaching Methods

In addition, students have different types of learning styles. They learn through their own learning style which could be: visual, auditory, or Kinesthetic Style. Those who are visual, learn through seeing and they need to see the teacher’s body language and learn best from visual displays. Then, those who are auditory learn through listening and they learn best through verbal lectures, discussions, talking things through, and listening to what others have to say. On the other hand, those who are Kinesthetic learn through moving, doing, and touching, and learn best through a hands-on approach and actively exploring the physical world around them. In the classroom, the teacher will meet one of the three types of students. In order to make students learn well through their own learning style, the teacher is supposed to use an effective method of teaching different types of students.

I also choose an appropriate method of teaching different types of students, to cultivate students’ motivate, and to increase their memorising ability. Suggestopedia is one of the many methods that can be used by a teacher. It is a method that de-suggests the limitations that  helps students to believe that they can be successful in learning, so it can cultivate their motivation in learning.....

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