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100 hours half price Thai language in Ma
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Why it could be perfect for you?

Contact a teacher to see packages & all benefits you will get!

 If you plan and want to improve your Thai, one of the best things to do is to connect and get learning with a native Thai speaker/tutor who can teach you perfect pronunciation. It is necessary to be cautious when practising Thai with non-native speakers as they may potentially make mistakes (often in pronunciation)


Thai language is a tonal language.Yet the only difficult thing about Thai language is the tones.You will find it’s worth spending quality time with a native Thai teacher who can teach you perfect sounds/tones and the individual phonemes, the phonetic building blocks of the language.A native tutor can also give you better answers to questions you may want to ask.


When you're practising Thai with a native Thai tutor, you will be exposed to more idioms, dialect, slang and a generally more extensive vocabulary than with a non-native Thai tutor.Too much slang is not a good thing, but exposure to this side of the language is always useful to understand what people really mean.


Learning the Thai phonemes will involve moving your mouth and tongue in ways you probably never have before and developing different muscles to get the right sounds.I'm here to help you with every step you need and I am able to demonstrate to you how each sound is produced.You will have good accent.


If you want to use the target language predominantly to speak to people in a country where that language is the first language, then watch the native speaker and learn.As you practise speaking, try to gain knowledge of the rules so that you can manipulate that knowledge in a variety of  contexts.You will not be disappointed.   


Invest in a beginning language course with a native tutor you'll learn the basics well.You will get what you pay for. All prices at Hit Lang School are good value for money.You will get all the benefits you need!You want to speak like a Thai?Then hire a private Thai tutor here.You will be glad and happy with the quality and progress you have made! 


You will be that much better at hearing pronunciation, when native speakers are talking to you.Taking the time to get the phonemic basics may sound tedious, but it will pay dividends later.I am here to help you.You can leave me a message or you can phone me and I will be with you shortly.

Kat: 07958044298


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