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Face To Face Or Online Via Skype

Getting married in Thailand course

Getting Married In Thailand

Course duration :10 hrs
Online or face to face lessons

Marrying a Thai girl, What do you need to do?

  • Get support where your event is by learning how to speak some basic Thai especially on your wedding day. 

  • Get the idea of “paying” for your bride is deeply embedded in Thai culture how to marry your Thai girlfriend.

  • Understand Thai culture and tradition.Thai dowry is a touchy subject in Thailand with Westerners, this makes the dowry a must during a Thai wedding ceremony and anything you are concerned about your wedding event, you will be supported.

  • Know where to get help with the legal requirements for getting married  in Thailand.

  • Know about legal registration, visa and document.

  • Get an expert advice here includes basic Thai speaking to boost your confidence and  a wedding speech to help you get  through wedding ceremony. 

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A complete guide for travelling to Thailand

A Complete Guide For Tourists 

Course duration : 10 hrs.
Online or face to face lessons

I will help you and guide you before you travel to Thailand.

  • Give you the ideas on where to go to get the ultimate bargain.

  • Know what to do and not to do when you travel to Thailand.

  • Know 100 things before you travel to Thailand,things to prepare for and things to remember!

  • Know how to get the best travel deals with some careful planning ,your visit to Thailand will become a dream holiday and an unforgettable experience. It’s a country full of culture, fun and vibrancy – go once and you’ll probably want to return again… and again!

  • Know useful Thai phrases to guide yourself around Thailand easily!

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Plan to participate in the miss Thailand

Plan To Participate In The Miss Thailand

Course duration: 30 hrs.
Online or face to face lessons

Learn to speak Thai language fluently.

Do you have what it takes?

  • If you are a female between 18-25,have Thai nationality,good health, are single,never been married and you are planning for participating for The Miss Thailand.This training programme will help you live your dreams. 

  • You'll be much more successful if you follow your dreams and follow your passions. It can work if you have someone that's supporting you and you will enjoy your experience!

  • I am here to help you improve your Thai language for what you need.You will be trained as well as you want to be in the way you want to learn Thai with the quality that you pay for.Just believe in yourself,set your sights high,follow your dreams and reach for the stars! Make it happen Now!

  • I will help you improve your Thai language with good speaking and listening skills so will understand the interviews and be able to interact to people with confidence!

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Intensive business Thai course

Intensive Business Thai Course  

Course Duration :50 hrs
Online or face to face lessons

Do you want to work and live in Thailand  and want to speak Thai with confidence?

  • Meet your Thai language needs. A Thai language trainer is available to help you to reach your required level of proficiency in Thai at a location of your choice worldwide.Whether you require an intensive one-to-one Thai language course or an in-company Business Thai course for your own business.The school provides a personalised curriculum with the highest quality of learning and teaching to each learner.

  • The course will depend on your profession, proficiency in Thai and objectives. Whether beginner, intermediate or advanced, key areas covered in this Thai course include: fluency development,​pronunciation and accent,grammar,listening skills,reading skills

  • Telephone skills in Thai,email writing skills in Thai,internet,banks,money,setting the bill,sector-specific terminology

  • Presentation,negotiation skills,help you master conversation skills. Everyday interactions in a way that's clear,concise,accessible and enjoyable.... 

  • The ability to communicate in Thai can benefit you greatly in building positive working and social relationships in Thailand or within your community

  • This is the best deal.Be the first person to apply for this course!

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