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Some of the many great benefits you will get for speaking Thai in Thailand are:


1) Knowing some Thais, Thai culture and facts allows you to know what things are appropriate and how to be safe.  

2) Speaking some Thai will help you interact with the people around you.

3) Understanding some Thai will help your journey go smoothly.


4) You can ask for discounts on product prices, people won't try to get more money out of you when you buy things because you can understand them.

5) You can guide yourself around Thailand easily with confidence.

6) You can get on with people, get involved, make Thai friends and socialise more.

7) You can tell people what you want, how you feel and what you think. You'll enjoy the experience!

8) If you can speak Thai, you will have lots of fun on your trip and you may want to return again.

9) Lots of Thai girls will admire you for your great fluency in their first language- you'll be a walking magnet! 

10) You can read signs, follow instructions and you won't be lost or be in any danger.

11) It can help you improve your relationship. If you have a Thai partner, you will understand your partner better and you will live with a happy life.

12) If you can speak Thai, it will increase your chances of getting the job that you want to do in Thailand and you will be more successful. 

13) If you understand Thais you will love the feeling of being anonymous in a place where you’ve never been before.

14) You will be opening up to The Thai culture which will allow you to be more flexible and appreciative of other people’s opinions and actions.

15) Speaking Thai can change your life. You may have a feeling like there is a kind of magic about going some place far away like Thailand and then coming back all changed. 

 16) Investment in having a Thai lesson is an investment in yourself, you will see the world is more fantastic than any dream.

Please Note: I have taught Thai to many students, after they visited Thailand, they all told me many amazing things...........This is why I have written this page.

Want to learn Thai? In person or online, please contact me *Feel free to chat with me before the first lesson and see how I can help you!


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