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A journey for beginners in summer


Audience:  Open to anyone new to the Thai language or tourists



Course Length : 10 hours

Duration: A two week course

Teaching: Online live classes or face to face 



Spacial offers: A package of 10 hours + Free 1 hour lesson 

Teaching rate for 1 to 1 : £ 22 per hour, £ 210 for a package of 10 hrs. You save £10

Teaching rate for a group of 2+ : £40 per hour, £ 400 for a package + Free 1 hour lesson. You save £40














Learn Thai with an emphasis on practical use and the development of your listening and speaking skills. Based on the tutor's own materials.

What is the course about?
To provide students with an understanding of the 5 Tones of spoken Thai & Culture. To provide students with the ability to understand simple conversational Thai and with the confidence to speak and respond in an appropriate way.

What will we cover?
Greeting, Introducing yourself; food and drink; shopping; numbers; the time; directions,guide to pronunciation and conversations.

What will I achieve ?
By the end of this course you should be able to....
- Greet people
- Introduce yourself and others

- Count and use numbers in Thai
- Understand Thai culture/tips
- Use Thai money

- Ask for food/drinks
- Pronounce Thai correctly 

- Get to know public places

- Ask for simple directions

- Answer questions.
- Converse in Thai using simple structures.

What level is the course and do I need any particular skills?
Beginner's course - no previous knowledge required.

How will I be taught, and will there be any work outside the class?
Communicative/direct method approach, with the emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills. Methods include question and answer, one on one practice or p
air practice, group, whole class work and role-play. 



No Assessment 

Course Description


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1 to 1 = £210

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Group of 2+ = £400

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