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Lao Tutor

Kat Wilson


I demonstrate my ability to speak Lao language
fluently in the video.I am bilingual in Thai and Lao

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 Learn to speak like Laos- Interactive and fun Lao/ Isan lessons  for all ages and levels.

If you can speak Lao/ Isan then you can speak and understand Lao/ Vientiane. Furthermore, you will be able to interact and communicate with people from the country of Laos as well. Remember, Lao/Isan is really like Lao/ Vientiane and It is like the same language.Start learning and you will enjoy.All levels are welcome!

Learn To Speak Lao

About Lao/Isan and Lao/Vientiane

About Lao

Lao/Isan & Lao / Vientiane

People in the country of Laos speak Lao and people in the north east of Thailand speak Lao or Lao/Isan



Learn to speak basic Lao

Basic Lao 

Learn to speak basic Lao

Basic Lao for everyday situations and improve your listening skills with this online live course of face to face.



lao language for beginner,intermediate and advanced levels

Lao A1-C2

Lao courses for all levels

If you want to speak like a native Lao,want to travel,work, live in Laos or live in the north east of Thailand,  get the full course here!



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