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Meet Professional Thai Teacher: Kat Wilson

Learn Thai fast with a professional and top-notch Thai teacher who can help you get faster results in every skill.

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Best Thai Language tuition in Manchester

Kat Wilson

A Professional Thai Tutor.

About me:

I am a multilingual teacher that specialises in teaching Thai and Lao, a former teacher from Thailand. I spent a big part of my life to gain lots of knowledge in schools, colleges and universities for 20 years to become a teacher. I've taught many subjects at private schools in Thailand for 12 years, and I have been teaching Thai to foreigners since 2009. Now I have overall 20 years of teaching experience!

I have helped students set and reach goals. Goal setting is a huge part of a teacher’s job. I am dedicated to the success of each one of my students and use my experience and training in education to ensure that student's progress and achieve their goals. I want to make sure that students are able to take the information learned and apply it to real life situations. Whatever your goal is, once you set it, you need to stick to it then push yourself to take action. Follow your thoughts, your passion and success will follow you. If you are looking for a Thai teacher who can help you with every step and every skill you need, don't be afraid to contact me. You will see that it is true. I am one of those teachers who can take you to your goals with speed!

Best Thai teacher in Manchester

Kat Wilson

Teaching Experience.

What is about my teaching experience?

1) Teacher at Marieanusorn  school in Thailand. (Taught all subjects)

2) Teacher at Mariepitak school in Thailand. (Taught all subjects)

3) Thai teacher at City Lit College in London. (Taught adults Thai)

4) Thai teacher at London Languages. Language School in England. (Taught adults)

5) TEFL teacher. Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Regent's University London. (Taught adults)

6) A professional Thai and Lao teacher at ii. (Taught students of all ages)

7) A private Thai teacher at Hit Lang school. ( Taught students of all ages)

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Kat Wilson

A Specialist Programmes Provider.

What type of Thai Tutor am I?

I am a professional private Thai tutor, a specialist teaching and learning programmes provider. I run Hit Lang School independently. I have gained extensive experience teaching Thai to foreigners for several years and I used to work for many companies in London by running courses and teaching classes. I have been successful in delivering Thai language courses for companies in education. Evaluation from the courses were described as “excellent!">>>

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Kat Wilson

Thai Tutor Based In Manchester.

Where do I teach?

Now, I am based in Manchester. I offer high quality tuition in my home office and ONLINE worldwide. I have delivered Thai lessons to students at different stages and different ages from 3- 65 years old.


Kat Wilson

Teaching rates/Tuition fees

How much do I charge?

A lesson is from £15-91 per hour.

My hourly tuition fees for 1 - to - 1 tuition are shown on the page>>>
My fee covers not only an hour of tuition, but also, I offer the following, with no extra charge
*Preliminary meetings and discussions;
*Lesson preparation time/ lesson plans;

*Providing teaching materials; 
*Providing personalised lesson notes at the end of each lesson;
*Setting homework and paper work;
*Marking homework;
*Providing online support between lessons; 
*Providing feedback to students and parents.

*Recording and producing videos for learning progression to help students learn better.


Kat Wison

Special Offers!

What benefits will you get?

When you consider the full package, you will see that each session means you get at least 2 hours of a specialist teacher's time and the benefit of my years of work and experience as a teacher + one hour with free of charge if you buy a package. Furthermore, you will get video support on homework after each session and other benefits you will get as well. (For more details please contact me) I hope you will agree that the lesson fee is actually very good value for your money. 


Kat Wilson

Teaching Methods.

What are my teaching methods ?

I use a variety of methods/ approaches in what has been labelled an ‘eclectic approach'. I have used many techniques from various approaches according to the different needs of my students. I use many different teaching materials to help students learn and bring fun into the classroom. I have a sense of purpose, a positive  attitude. I'm consistent and reflective,  and I adapt to the need of every student and always expect them to be successful.

Learning -students

Kat Wilson

Teaching  Levels.

What levels can I teach?

I am able to teach you all Thai/ Lao levels from beginner to advanced. I'm also experienced in teaching one-to-one Thai/ Lao lessons, small groups and in classrooms (speaking, writing, reading and listening) from beginners to fluent speakers of the language. If you are interested in learning Thai or Lao, you're serious about making a life in Thailand, want to make your dreams come true? Please don't hesitate to contact me.

Learn Thai or Lao with Kat in Manchester. Teaches worldwide

Kat Wilson

Top Notch Thai Teacher!

What's best thing to describe about me ?

I am an enthusiastic and demonstrative teacher. Your learning experience will be exciting, fun and rewarding. I use a number of interesting techniques which you will guarantee to remember and progress to your goals. I never stop educating myself, always strive to improve and become a better teacher. I experiment with my teaching strategies and change them up a little every year. I challenge myself with ongoing research and professional development. I am here to help you! 

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