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How can I help you learn Thai like a Pro?


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What is the first thing I will do for you?

Me As a teacher

By Kat Wilson

Together at the Top

- Before the first lesson from the first day, the focus will be on YOU and YOUR GOALS. Your purpose for studying Thai language will help me to plan a learning programme for you.

- All of my students have LONG - TERM goals, they find me competent, punctual,  empathetic, attentive and enthusiastic. My concern is making a plan for each student to stay focused & achieve success!

- Just to let you know that you are very important to me. I will prepare every lesson for you with care. I will give you the best learning experience ever! You will enjoy it!

How can you get fast results?

My secrets

Kat Wioson

Students Taking Exams

- I use integrated and proven methods to GET FASTER RESULTS. You will enjoy structured classes where we use some materials to work with.You will always receive the progress reports that you have made.I will instruct you for everything you need to learn.You will go step by step in every lesson systematically.

- I have used many techniques to help students learn.My techniques work very well to any student who really wants my help and who is serious to improve their skills.


I have taught many subjects,my students always receive excellent results in many subjects at schools. I also have helped students who are at very low levels to reach high levels in just a few months.I have skills and talents which I get from God. I will never stop to thank God for the many talents I have received from Him so I want to use these gifts to help others.


- I have professional teaching skills by using different methods and a diverse set of professional skills to complete the package.You will see qualities with what you pay for.Stop downloading Apps. If you get stuck, they cannot answer your questions. They don't have thoughts, an imagination and don't understand you.Don't waste your time and money. Book your lesson now! 


Why am I different from other teachers?

My Experience

By Kat Wilson

WIN_20190414_14_35_21_Pro (2).jpg

- What sets me apart from other teachers is that I apply my experience developing proficiency in 3 languages because of my 20+ years experience learning & teaching students/ clients develop the confidence needed, also I have taught many subjects, many levels and many different students worldwide.

- I teach both Thai and Lao languages for all levels from beginners to advanced learners to excel at both oral & written communication using my Thai/ Lao language courses, pronunciation and learning programmes.

- I also have done some home- tutoring in the United Kingdom for many years and I always have developed my teaching techniques to suit the needs of each student. That is I know how to help students get fast results and highly achievable success in many subjects.

- I have researched and discovered my own teaching tips and found that it's awesome! I never stopped seeking knowledge on my own. After teaching, the reflection I have received from my students are always excellent results! I am very proud of my students and happy to be myself as a teacher.*****

Do you really want to achieve your goals?

Contact Me

Kat Wilson

Mobile Phone

- I am a qualified teacher. I have been a teacher for many years. If you can contact me, I have three packages for you to choose. (choose one or as many as you want!) choose your package/s, then I will be able to help you reach your goals and will be with you shortly!

- Call me to get a great deal for what you need! Kat: 07958044298

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