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Learning Via Skype




Kat is an experienced, smart and quirky teacher. I will be studying with her again and recommend others do too!


 Hi kat , its nicola hope you are well? just want to say lily is really enjoying her lessons with you she is so happy with what she is learning , ive not been too well but i am good now , thankyou and she is looking forward to thursday xx


Great teacher, works from the basics down, perfect for anyone to who is not familiar with the language!



Learning Face-to-Face

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I have taken quite a few lessons from Kruu Kat and think she is great. She is always prepared for each lesson and very encouraging. I have been trying to learn the Thai alphabet also and especially like her teaching methods using a whiteboard. I would thoroughly recommended her as a teacher.


I am quite astonished about how much I have learned from Kat over the past weeks. this lesson was great again.


Kat gave me a good impression in our first trial lesson. I will continue learning with her.


ive been learning Thai with Kat for the past 6 months or so... I've got to say she very good, and my Thai has come on so much from the lessons I have had with her...
I plan on staying with her until I'm fluent in Thai...
10 out of 10 A+++


Hi Kat,Sorry for the late reply. I would like to thank you for all the help you gave me. You are an excellent teacher and I felt you helped me learn alot..

I am disappointed I had to end the course so soon as I did enjoy it very much.I hope I can pick it up again sometime soon, and will be sure to let you know and see if you are available to tutor me again.


Thank you again and take care.


I've been learning Thai with Kat for the last few months and love every minute of it, her teaching is style is relaxed and very informative. After every lesson I come away with knowledge not only about the language but the culture. I would highly recommend Kat to anyone thinking about learning to speak fluent Thai.


Kat,I really enjoy learning Thai with you and I like your teaching very much.Learning Thai is fun.You are a great teacher.You really helped me a lot.Thank you very much.


Kat,I don't care what level I am ,I have a private Thai tutor like you and now I'm happy ! I can read Thai,my wife's shocked !


Great lesson kat. I'm looking forward to next one!



Company's comments


Dear Kat,


I have been in contact with Gordon and he said: “lesson went well but still early days!!!  It was great fun and went very quickly!”


I am glad the lesson was a success so thank you for your work.


Kind regards,



Dear Kat,


I am sorry though to hear that you are moving to Manchester. It is hard finding knowledgeable and passionate Thai tutors like you working in London.


I will wait to hear from you about Wednesday. It would be lovely to see you before you move.


Kind regards,



Katherine did extremely well at teaching English as  a foreign language.She produced engaging lesson plans with lots of variations in activities.


She was very motivated and highly organised and always gave one hundred per cent.I would have no hesitation recommending Katherine for any teaching role.


Dear Kat,

We deeply appreciated your assistance in helping us with our recent Thai Language course.Thank you very much for delivering a successful course.

Kind regards,



Hi Kat,


Thank you very much for coming tonight, we enjoyed it. I am so sorry that we started the lesson late. Next time we will try to start 7.30.


Next time we can drive you home so you can get home safely.


 Lydia George 

Hi Kat,


We have reviewed your work and love it! We think you will be a great addition to the platform. ..

Creative Fabrica 

Creative Fabrica


people's comments


University of Manchester1.jpg

Kat,you are amazing,fabulous and I am impressed very much!



Kat,your "Hit Lang School " website is very good  and professional.You have many things here.Everything is clear.It's already good.You don't need to do anything anymore ,but just get people to your website .


Katherine , you have many things. Your school website is very interesting and very attractive.It's would be great if you could work with us and join us!




I like your music alot, especially ' Marry had the little lamb.
KEDG Radio Sydney

What a lovely, intelligent little girl--parent has done a wonderful job homeschooling her.  My daughter also homeschools her 3 kids.  This grandma is very proud of all of them.  :)

Wanda Snow


Your home school programs for Sadie had been a success Kat. Well done Sadie and well done to you Kat for taking care of Sadie. Congratulations Sadie, I am sure your mum, dad and aunty Marie are very pound of you :-).

Its so nice Kat to hear Sadie doing so well at school. I think your home school programs for Sadie had been very successful. As you can see by the results, Sadie got a 10 awarded from her school, in almost everything really. I think that is wonderful.

Sadie just year 1 but her ability to read, write and do the math much more then her age. Last on May I was so surprised as Sadie could read and spelling so well from the story books at any pages or any books I pick up for her.

Also your teaching English Phonic for Sadie is excellent to. I think your experience has been very helpful for Sadie’s learning. As you had 20 years teaching in the school, so you knew so well what Sadie needed, that why she has done so well and has obtained so many awards from the school. Well done Kat and keep going with your home school programs.



Hi Katherine 

Great stuff, I really love the "I love you" and the fact that your work ethics are to engage children as well as family. 

Having read your biog, I am impressed by your capabilities and like the fact that you are very spiritual. I believe we are going through testing times in this period and only certain beings (people) will see the true light of what is actually going on, on this planet; so, I see what you are doing is very important for balance and the wellbeing of the present and future. 

Definitely keep it up, keep going and may the Heavens Bless your path.

Lisa Sent from ProtonMail mobile

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