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English Tutor

For Thai, Lao, Polish & anyone who cannot speak English

I am a Thai tutor with a TEFL certification. I have helped some students who cannot speak English very much. I have taught children, teenagers and adults learn English. My teaching experience is from Beginner to Intermediate. I have helped polish and international students as well. English lessons for ( A1, A2, B1, B2) , many levels are on my site. Please check them out!


I am a prepared tutor with lots of different types of learning styles which makes lessons interesting for my students.


I try and engage them with lessons, using quality teaching materials to help them learn, and give out homework which benefits their learning during the week.


I also let them know if they're making good progress.


My teaching style is friendly, fun and relaxed, but I'm always enthusiastic about whatever subject I teach.


I have created short courses for individual students and have been quite successful in breaking down complex subjects into easy- to- learn  methods and help students understand the language better.


I also find it highly effective to learn while having fun with any topic I teach.


My tutoring leaves students happy, which lets them enjoy their subjects and eager to learn more.


I am a patient teacher and feel anyone can achieve their goals through determination, effort, support and passion.


If you are interested in learning English, please contact me or visit my site here

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