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Teaching students of all ages and levels

Learning activities & A small part of my teaching Face-to-Face Only. Now home visiting is not available!

My Channel

My Channel

Thai For Beginners

Able to read Thai fluently with correct pronunciation.(Group reading) 

Thai For Intermediate learner

*Able to read a Thai story fluently.

*Practice to read a Thai story from Thai children's book By Sadie 

*Understand and able to tell a story in English.

Thai For advanced Learner

*Able to listen and write on what one have heard.

*Understand characteristics of language used in different kinds of the media

Able to read a short Thai letter and message with the help of a dictionary

(Thai for Beginners )

Able to read  the cardinal number in Thai 

*Able to read Thai vowels,short words and can understand the meaning

*Understand Thai reading and writing system.

Able to demonstrate how to write and read Thai Language .Understanding Thai reading and writing system.

Able to read the five Thai tones

Able to write and read Thai consonants + vowel "aa" 

Able to make small talk and can understand each conversation(Thai A1+) 

 Able to write and read your own story fluently

 Able to pronounce,write and read Thai vowels

Able to describe a picture in Thai

Able to read the following around.

Able to talk and converse in Thai immediately. (Thai A 1+ 

Able to read the short sentences and 

can understand  short,simple messages.


 Able to master the nuances of 5 Thai tones.. 

Able to follow instructions,can answer the question.

Able to pronounce and can sing a Thai song beautifluly.Singing helps students tune into a foreign language

Intensive Thai for Beginner.Learn Thai fast & speak Thai immediately

Learn to read a Thai book like a Thai By following a reader how to pronounce each word.

Intensive Thai for Beginner.Learn Thai fast & speak Thai immediately

Able to progress and memorize the pronunciation of Thai alphabet 




Able to read different  words,

can understand the phonetics and the linguistics.

Able to recognize,pronounce short vowels and long vowels.