Music club at Hit Lang School.

 " Children's Choir "

" Help children feel confident and discover their potential "

Teaching Music



Why is singing good for learning?

"When children are singing they are taking in information and training the brain but they don't think they are, they think they are just having fun."  
















Here are my tips on how to use music with young learners 

( Step 1 )

" Sing along "

It is a new song,you should introduce it slowly,teach the lyrics of the song by using materials,game styles and techniques.Get them used to the song before they even begin to sing it then practise singing and learn how to sing-along.

( Step 2 )


" Solo Singing "

Play the song, and give it a try! You do not have to worry if your students will sing the song perfectly the first time, or even the second time. Just have fun with it and make up a simple dance .Teach the actions with the lyrics,actions can also help students to understand the meaning of the song. This will lead to better singing.

( Step 3 )

"  Singing in a choir "


Continue to use the same songs week after week, and eventually the students will sing them and try to apply this in different situations. I pay attention to my students and make them want to succeed and do their best, rather than putting forth the usual minimum effort.

Beautiful Song For Kids,Dads  And Families.All Kids sing together.

On a special day

Learning To Play Keyboard At Hit Langs

Thai National Anthem Music "ดนตรีบรรเลงเพลงชาติไทย" By Sadie Wilson (England)

More Music 

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