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Hit Lang School is a bona fide language school based  in Manchester,UK.Registered with HMRC in England. It's an independent language school for life and experience for students of all ages,offers top-notch teaching services, online live classes and face-to-face to students around the world great opportunities in Thai,Lao and maths.


We help students succeed by personalising education to meet the needs of the learner. We pride ourselves on providing high quality of learning and teaching to fit each student, this will enable them to develop their full potential and is open to help students across the globe discover the possibilities.


The school run by a professional private Thai teacher, a teaching expert with great success, a specialist Thai language teaching and learning programme provider,who has been recruited to work for Language education companies in London.


For Thai/Lao language,our professional courses use high quality learning materials from The No.1 Publisher of Thai/Lao language learning materials for non-native Thais/Laos and are used by professionals throughout the World. We also aim to help students who are interested on taking official certifications in Thai to prove their qualifications and help students who would like to get a degree in Southeast Asian studies in the future.


The school has offered private one-to-one, group or class tuition for all levels in Thai and Lao languages with full training,exam preparation for CEFR courses including provided tuition for all our core subjects:

1) Thai: Thai for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Taught by a specialist native Thai tutor who was a former teacher in Thailand and has been tutoring in the UK with overall 20 years of teaching experience and with an enhanced DBS (formally CRB) disclosure certificate, she also has a professional degree in education.

2) Lao/Isan: For beginners,intermediate and advanced levels. Taught by a professional native Lao tutor.

3) English: For Thai students who are interested in learning and speaking English for work or daily conversations, the school offers short courses for only beginners. Taught by a TEFL tutor.

4) Mathematics: For 3-12 year old's, A+tutoring, taught by a maths tutor with excellent results of progression. The school also has offered tuition for year 6 SATs preparation and 11+ grammar school entry exams.

5) Art/Craft: We don't teach art/craft, we are award-winning artists, art winners of the international children's art competition 2013. We are also creative and experienced graphic designers, our artwork and graphic design are accepted portfolio so we transform our artworks into personalised gift products.

*Flexible hours (mornings, afternoons, evenings and weekends) seven days a week.

* Find a private tutor for Thai language courses and more. Call Hit Lang School today!

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