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How to apply for a course...



This teacher works at many different places so learning times for students at Hit Lang school can be booked via a teacher only.If you want to learn directly with  Kat at Hit Lang School.Please follow the instructions below!


"Face-to-Face student-Learning at Hit Lang School

-Before you start Learning you'll have to have an assessment.

-This tutor usually has face to face meeting before the first lesson.

-You will need to make an appointment with a tutor for the initial session.

-The initial session is the assessment that will help a teacher to know their student's level. If you are not a beginner, you will also have a mini test before you go to a higher level.

-This assessment helps teachers understand their students better when preparing lessons and activities to fit different students in the class.

-It also helps the teacher learn the student's interests and the individual learning styles of each student.

-There are many ways to differentiate instruction for different students that will help the students take in information in multiple ways. Here is just the first step for you!


"Online students-Learning Thai, Lao & Esol via Skype"

-Please contact a tutor before booking a course or a lesson.

-A tutor will give you instructions for your course.

-A tutor will help you find the right course.

-You will know how and where to schedule your lessons with a tutor.

-You will fill out an application form.

-For your personal lessons/goals, a tutor will prepare & plan lessons for you.

-Remember! "The more lessons you buy. The more cheaper they are"

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