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Stay Focused

How to be a successful student

Dear Students

Tips:How to Succeed & how to learn Thai fast!

1) Attend a class every week and do your homework.

2) Study and review what you have learned every day. 

3) Distribute your study time in 15- to 30-minute periods throughout the day.

4) Focus on a different task each time: vocabulary, grammar, etc.

5) Spend 10 minutes reviewing dialog, 10 minutes learning new vocabulary and 10 minutes learning how to make up new sentences.

6) Practice speaking, listening and pronouncing words by using my videos you get after each session.

7) Make up your own test questions to challenge yourself.

8) Invent variations on patterns and forms. 

9) Set personal goals for what you want to learn, give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn from them.

10) Get help if you need it. Talk with me, I am here to help you!


Best Wishes

Kat (A professional Thai teacher)

Best introduction for learning Thai
For beginners

Practice speaking Thai for 

beginners.Learning activities...

Read Thai With Confidence.

Tone Marks With Middle Consonants

Read A Thai Story From 

Thai Children's Book

Set your goals high, and don't stop

till you get there. I will help you

and take you to your destination! 

- Katherine Chin

First step in learning Thai-Work out

Thai listening skills practice for A1

Practice reading Thai for beginners

Thai languages for all ages,Pay as you go.Hight quality teaching,good service and cheapest price

  Thai lessons for Beginners  ( A1-A2 )

Learn Thai Quickly - Speak Thai immediately


     Practicing  and Learning Thai how 

to memorise vocabulary (For Beginners)


Learning activity: Practise reading a letter

with the help of a dictionary ! (Beginners)

Learning to speak a foreign Language may be the best thing you can do to improve your life and open new doors..

Thai teacher for all ages and levls
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