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Books By These Authors

Katherine Chin,The Author for my cool colouring book : Amazing animals ,Katherine Chin is A Teacher/Author/Artist/Composer
Katherine Chin
Author :Sadie Wilson,Illustrator : Sadie Wilson,my cool colouring book :amazing animals illustrated by Sadie Wilson
Sadie Wilson
 moral books for kids
Wonderful artworks and poetry book for kids

Wonderful Artworks And Poetry

 Written By Katherine Chin

Book Cover Designed By Katherine Chin

Teaching Your Child Faith  &Moral Values Through Poetry!

moral book for kids
moral book for kids
great book for kids

It is written by Katherine and Sadie Wilson for entertainment.Reading for pleasure is one of the best ways for a child to improve his/her performance

at school.The act of colouring can improve motor skills in your child.In this colouring book your child will uncover the wonders and joy of colouring !

My Cool Colouring Book : Amazing Animals

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