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How can I help your kids do well in Maths?














As you know ,Mastering mathematics is absolutely essential for future opportunities in school and careers. Your children will need to reach a certain level of competency in maths to take many advanced high-school courses, to be admitted to college, and to have a wide variety of career choices. Here's how I can help them maximize their math-smarts.



The first step in developing an appropriate program is to determine the individual student's level. I use 10-30 minute tests and I discuss the student's past attempts at learning, to determine his/her attitude. If necessary, I adjust the method as we proceed from one lesson to the next. 

If you are not a student with special needs then the assessment is free.



If you and your children are interested in learning Maths at Hit Lang School, please book an appointment for the assessment with free of charge before the first lesson.







Introduction about Maths By Tutor
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