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Learn Thai face to face in Manchester , Salford and Greater Manchester

Learn Thai Face-To-Face

        One on one tutoring.Special Offers: buy 10 get 1 free

In Salford And Greater Manchester

*Private Thai lesson only

£15 per hour (was £20 )

Learn Thai face to face  in Manchester  and in greater Manchester

Fun & effective studies. Learning Thai for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels for retirement, immigration, business, work, travelling, visiting or living in Thailand with powerful learning methods. Private one on one tutoring in Salford, Manchester. £20 per hour, recommended to study minimum 2 lessons per week just for £40 to give you enough time in each session to develop your language skills. For most people who lead busy lives, thirty minutes to an hour a day is a good starting point to get excellent results. Active study time is particularly important in the early stages of language learning. We believe that consistency is likely the most important part of language learning. If you are not consistent and don’t dedicate enough time, it will be difficult to build upon what you learn. The key is to find a nice balance and integrate language learning in your life in a way that’s effective, enjoyable and sustainable. You will also get great support from the teacher. You can make weekly payments for 2 lessons or buy a package of 10 lessons and get a free lesson in every package you buy, saving you £20 per package. Buy the lesson (s) today and schedule with a teacher later. For new students please sign up. I look forward to seeing you and working with you in my class. - KruuKat




New students
Weekly payment
Buy 2 Get 0 free. Totally you get 2 hours
Save £0
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 2 hours
A Package: 10 Lessons
Buy 10 Get 1 free. Totally you get 11 hours
Save £20
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11 hours
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