1-on-1 Online Private Maths Lessons 

Via Skype For 8-12 Years Old 

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Distance Learning

Benefits to child

for Online live class 

1- to 1 with a tutor

★ Learning with fun activities

★ Helps create personalised lesson plans 

★ Helps build confidence
★ Helps grow enthusiasm for learning
★ Makes learning a positive experience
★ Helps reduce classroom anxiety

★ Live teacher support during the class

★ Personalised lessons and high quality

★Helps fill knowledge gaps 

★Helps grow from where they are

★Get the same UK teaching methods 

★Get fully UK's school curriculum

Benefits to parents

for Online live class 

1- to 1 with a tutor

★ Receive instant feedback
★ Get monthly report via Email

★ See the progress your child 
★ Easily fits into busy family life
★ Can help your child move up in school
★ It's convenient... you choose the time

★ Save your money and just only £12/hr

★ Save your time and budget for travel

★ Flexible to fit your schedule

★ You set the routine and schedule 

★ You are more Involved in education

★ Your time is precious these days

Please contact a tutor to schedule the lessons. lessons may be on the same day and the same time every week

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