We are not allowed to take the pictures in the concerts but here are things that you can see. 

We have got some pictures from somewhere and from other photographers to display here!..

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Sadie was asked who would make a good new Dr Who, guess who? 

  Answer- she said "My dad!".

  South London Press                  Newspaper

Best Daddy

In south London,Bill Wilson and daughter Sadie, age 4,from Brockley, get creative  on Friday,March 11th 2011

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Sadie Wilson,Age 5

At front Of Olmypic

A 5 year old girl got the chance to live the life of a journalist for a day as part of the Olympic News in 2012.She  reported the Olympic news that made us have lots of fun!



Sadie Wilson

( Drama Queen)

 In preparing for a drama performance,Let me express my deep appreciation to all the performers today for Sadie's hard work and achievement which I am really impressed and enjoy.

Thank you school and teachers.

- Kat Wilson ( Sadie's parent )  

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Sadie Wilson

(Drama Queen)

In these wonderful and enjoyable hours, I am very delighted to be here to share with you the joy and success of the Drama.Thank you Organizers for their great effort in organising such a meaningful and wonderful event. 

- Kat Wilson ( Sadie's parent )

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A Drama Queen

 “Sadie Wilson”

Age 11.


Thank you Organizers for giving Sadie the chance to witness the power and magic of drama that we enjoyed very much. It was one on which you showed us how professional you could be after countless hours of rehearsal and hard work.It is not only amazing outcomes we have seen  but you explore the creative use of language,your performance,ability,talents, confidence,creativity and, above all, your good command of English.You 

have done very well.I'm very proud of you,Sadie.Keep up the good work.


Sadie was going to play the music in the concerts

More Concerts

Picture By A Photographer

Most of Sadie's concerts are in greater Manchester and the first one is the orchestra performance.Sadie played it  in The  Lowry  Theatre at Media City UK in Salford,Manchester.We enjoyed very much.We cannot get all of her pictures but you can see   the atmosphere of the events where we went.

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Sadie & Harry,Year 5     

Reported Student News

Sadie Wilson (My daughter ) and Harry reported about The history (Guy Fawkes) From Touch Cast Studio.This is a challenge ! The latest news.The Gunpowder Plot.

Sadie & All Had A Good Time In TV 

Before Going To Live On The CBBC