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In Different Languages (Thai,Lao Or English)
With Kat Wilson

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I used to live in the convent school about 6 years

and learnt a lot about God and I also studied full time Bible

for 2 years and became a bible teacher.

I have a certificate and I am certified to teach Bible.

I have been a Bible teacher and taught in Bangkok,Thailand for years.

I have lived in the UK. Taught students around the world

with online lessons in 3 languages of Thai,Lao and English.

If you are a Bible teacher and want to teach Bible to other

people in their language, I can help you to be able to speak,Lao,

Thai or English and help you to be able to teach your topics

in their language. If you want to learn Bible for yourself.

I can help you too.


Mostly,I taught Bible to Missionaries/American Evangelists

As they wanted to help Lao communities in The US.I can translate 

Bible for you in 3 languages. From English to Thai or English to Lao. Lao to English or Thai to English. I have a bility and experience to train Missionaries and Evangelists to teach Bible and to speak their other languages clearly with good pronunciation and help them understand in the topics they taught! I'm happy to serve any missionary who wish to teach People Bilble in other languages such as, English,thai or lao.

I also taught Bible to children,youths and adults!

There are plenty of reasons to study the Bible...AND YOU KNOW?



Want to study Bible at any topic please feel free to contact Kat Wilson. The Lesson starts from
£ 40 per hour. 

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