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A trial lesson is 30 minutes for Thai or Lao.Online live class via Skype or via a Global Classroom Tool.Everything  is ready for you there.I will support you all the  way.I will see you inside.Just sign up then start learning!

A trial lesson starts from £7

Content of the trial lesson
Free trial lesson is not available!

Talk with a native teacher about your requirements

Test your level of knowledge of Thai/Lao

Check audio/video quality for the optimal lesson

Start speaking Thai/Lao!

Or call a tutor  +44 7958044298

Special Note 



Learning Thai/Lao with a native speaker is one of the best ways to quickly improve your language skills.“How many of you have used Skype to learn and practise your target language?” If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the time to start. 


This allows distance learners instant access to quality private 1 teacher to 1 student Thai/Lao Language training delivered by a qualified Thai/Lao teacher with real time video and sound  (+no travel/no traffic/no expense) making this a valuable and highly flexible training resource.


Benefits Of Learning Thai or Lao Online At Hit Lang School 

Learning Thai/Lao with a native Thai /Lao speaker is one of the best ways to quickly improve your language skills.


1.You will get a FREE 30 minute Skype conversation, talk with a native teacher about your requirements,test your level of knowledge of Thai,check audio/video quality for an optimal lesson and start speaking Thai/Lao!

* Please Note:Learning via Skype is very easy and comfortable that you'll be able to practice your Thai/Lao, ask any questions you may have about the language, strengthen your weaknesses, focus on what you're struggling with, and more.

2.Superior Teaching Methods: A solid curriculum using the time proven interactive methodology


3.Reasonable Tuition Fees: the prices are very competitive with other language schools.


4.Excellent Teacher: Professional Tutor with many years of teaching experience.


5.Courses are great value for money.


6.Course:The schedule gives you flexibility to learn around your personal and working life.


7.Friendly tutor.Make learning fun and easy to learn.


8.Experienced Thai/Lao teacher offering relaxed, fun and encouraging lessons. Learn conveniently from your home or office while studying online using Skype.

9.Follow the same quality materials as School based lessons

10.Same professional private lessons built around your needs (speed, knowledge and interest)

11.The school offers the unique Thai/Lao language courses too.

12.Lessons can be cancelled, extended or moved with 48 hours notice (where possible)

13,Lessons are open for 1 year.You can learn at your peace and at your time.






















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