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Class or group : Special offer,only at Hit Lang School.Class size :  4-15 students


Location : Hit Lang School.(Note:If It's at your place the price will be different)

Fee : £8 per person / per hour *( Best Price)

Payment : Advanced payment by PayPal via the website or cash on a meeting day before the first lesson. Please contact Tutor Kat if you wish to have the meeting and find out more about this course or you want to pay cash.....?


Term : 3 terms

Lesson : 2 hours per session/per week,4 months per term and about 24 hours a term.

Total : £192 per term

Time : You can start any time,please speak to your Tutor.

What will you get :

What will you bring : Notebook,pen and a course book which you can purchase from a Tutor.

Please Note *All payments must be made in advance. Refunds not available.If you have any question please feel free to contact Tutor Kat.*


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