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Terms & Conditions

Face To Face Lessons

For any students who wish to be taught at Hit Lang School Face-to-Face,please note that a teacher will only meet in public places such as library's and cafes for an assessment or initial lesson and will not comply with meeting students in their own home, personal office or other personal accommodations. 

Online Live Class Lessons

For any student who wish to be taught by Hit Lang School's teacher, please sign up at Hit Lang school's website and a teacher will take you to where to get started.

Booking Lessons

For online students who want to repeat booking, please book lessons in advance at least 3 days before the lesson starts. This will allow you to keep your learning space so you will get the days and time that suit you. If you don't book the lesson(s) in advance, 3 days before the lesson starts, then I cannot guarantee that you will still have your space on the day and time that suites you. However if you want to ask for instant booking during each day, you can do so, by looking at my available time slots on my calendar!

Lessons & Package Policy

After purchasing a package, there is a limited amount of time where your package will be available to you: all lessons must be used within one year upon purchasing, after this year, students will have to repurchase the package if they wish to continue.


New Face-To-Face Students

For face to face lessons. Before you can book your learning session, you must attend a meeting or an assessment with a teacher. To do this you need to book an appointment with a teacher. If you are a beginner you will not be charged for an assessment. If you are another level and want to complete a higher level then you will be charged £40 for an assessment.



Cancelling Lessons

It is very important that you cancel any lessons that you cannot attend as soon as possible. Private lessons require 48 hours cancellation notice. Please contact the teacher immediately during office hours, 10.00 am – 20.00 pm, 7 days a week so the school will offer the place to another applicant on the waiting list. 

Can't Attend A Lesson 

If a student fails to attend a lesson or has cancellation a lesson with less than 48 hours' notice, it is my right to be paid in full. However, if the student had an accident, an emergency, or it was an honest misunderstanding, the teacher can choose to allow the student to reschedule.I can advise the student that I can understand that unexpected things may happen, however, the hour has been booked by the student and cannot booked by others with short notice, and I have made preparations for it, unfortunately, it can't be refunded or rescheduled.


You are required to attend on time. If you are late you will not get the full time of your scheduled lesson as the lesson has already officially started. If you don't attend the lesson(s) you will completely miss your opportunity. Learners should also expect to spend a minimum of one hour per week on homework and self-study activities. This will allow you to get the full benefit of your learning programme.


Photographs, Note-taking & Recordings

Photographs and/or recordings may be taken by a teacher during the lessons which may be used for helping learners, educational, promotional and publicity purposes. No other photographs and/or recordings may be taken without prior permission from the Teacher. Please advise us at the time of booking if you do not wish to appear in any learning lesson and promotional material. 


Copyright Notice ©

Students may take note in class or record their lessons at the discretion of the teacher and under the agreement that they are only to be used by the student only for practice purposes in private and not published, copied, distributed, publicly broadcast, sold or used in any other way.  

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