English For Work

( For Thais or foreigners )
Editorial Design
Face-to-face or online sessions from £12 per hour

A course outline

What Will you learn ?

-You will develop fluency, accuracy and appropriate uses of English across all four language skills.

-You will benefit from excellent guidance, monitoring and feedback throughout this course.

-You will enhance your English language skills in a manner specifically designed for the workplace.

-You will have plenty of practice in English conversation and pronunciation.

-You will know English words for jobs.

-You will know where you can find more jobs if you want to change a job.

-You will learn how to apply for a job,write your CV,complete your job application forms and reply to your emails.

-You will understand job advertisements and job descriptions.

-You will learn about grammar and vocabulary.

-You will know and understand employment rights,pay and working conditions.

-You will know your rights at work.

-You will understand safety notices and signs.

What will you achieve?

-This course will leave you feeling confident, fully equipped and able to follow the pathway you choose.

-You will be able to communicate better.

-You will have the ability to use English in a workplace.

-You will be able to use your English skills in the real world and get ahead at work.